Pain in the Midst of Joy

Using those two words in one sentence is not always common. How can joy and pain be associated to each other? how is it possible that both can occur at the same time? how is it that one can have joy and experience pain in the midst of it? Well, just ask parents who have been awaiting the birth of a child for months, preparing, shopping, getting the perfect baby room furniture, making sure the colors are just right,and the house is clean, because after all we cannot have our precious bundle of joy in an unclean house. Now think about the joy and expectation in this family, in this marriage, especially those who have been waiting for this day ever since that beautiful day at the church where they committed their lives to each other. Now, the joy does not end with those two, NO; it may be the family where there was already a young one, imagine the expectation of being a big brother or a big sister! And, wait, let’s not forget the new grand parents or second time grand parents to be! aunties and uncles etc.

The day arrives, there was no bad news, everything was just fine, but then the baby comes out , not breathing, not crying, or perhaps, all is well until the first doctor’s appointment, then the news arrives….Your baby is sick, your baby will need to feed through a tube, your baby will need to fight for his or her life for the next few weeks, months, or perhaps years, says the physician. After days or weeks or months of being at the hospital, you are sent home with a baby who needs more help than you can imagine to give on your own. What happens now? in the midst of joy, pain arrived. How do I balance both, how do I make it through this Lord?

I asked myself that exact same question when I found out right before the birth of my twin girls that one will need to feed through an NG tube for a while, the prognosis was not very comforting. Chinelo was Twin B, she came out nor breathing, not crying. I had a c-section, just weeks after having a gallbladder surgery (with the girls in my stomach), then days spent at the hospital, and my almost 2 year old baby having to visit me daily at the high risk unit. I was just becoming a proud mom of twin girls plus one more. But it maybe a long journey, sleepless nights, and multiple doctor’s office visit because one may not fare so well. I needed help! I am not physically able to think through this! my husband and I cannot do this alone Lord! So not only was faith in God important, but the help of others; nurses and caregivers was what we needed to make it through those days. Flash forward 12 years later. Chinelo is a vibrant young pre-teen who loves science, is sociable, more so than her twin sister Zuzu and big sister Destiny.

After our ordeal, I decided to re-direct my journey as a nurse to becoming a home health nurse, and every child I have cared for in the past 13 years have reminded me of my children, of the time when we experienced pain in the midst of our joy. So I bring kindness, I bring love and often times prayers to those families and their Children. If you asked me? I will tell you this: “That is how KindTouch Healthcare Services was born” You are not alone. If your family finds itself where we found ourselves years ago, call us and we can help. (470-545-1629).

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